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 Samantha Guy

Also known as a 'Swiss Army Knife' or

simply 'Sammy' by her industry colleagues and clients.

​She originates from the land Down Under and has called the United States home for the past 10 years. Growing up between Europe and New Zealand, Sammy has had the privilege to see many different cultures and always loved bringing people together.

​With an enormous passion for team work, culinary, creative problem solving and genuine relationships - she is offering Event Planning Services and Partnerships worldwide.

A keen eye for detail has given her the opportunity to work with talented industry partners to balance traditions with modern touches to make each event unique.

You have come to the right place to explore more about how Sammy can help you create a celebration of a lifetime.

For any inquiries or to start planning your next celebration, please get in touch.

(561) 990-6226

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